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Attorneys can benefit from joining the Estate Planning Team!

By becoming an Estate Planning Team (EPT) member you will receive access to many valuable business building tools.

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EPT attorney members can offer their property and business owner clients The Deferred Sales Trust (DST) and possibly diversify business opportunities beyond offering only traditional legal services.  The Deferred Sales Trust is a strategy to defer capital gains on the sale of highly appreciated residential, investment or commercial real estate. The DST is an alternative to a 1031 Exchange when a client wants or needs to cash out of real estate or cannot find a replacement property for the 1031 exchange.

By offering the DST and joining EPT, you can separate your law firm from the competition by gaining the attention of wealthy clients, increase your business and take part in the "team approach" to closing cases for clients.

We are presently in the beginning stages of the greatest wealth transfer in America. The American Bankers Association estimates that over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion dollars will exchange hands as one generation hands over its wealth to another. This wealth transfer challenge also presents an astounding opportunity for those legal professionals prepared to offer their clients estate and tax planning services.

EPT is a membership organization empowering attorneys, insurance agents, real estate professionals, financial advisors, CPA's, mortgage professionals, Banks, title insurance representatives and Qualified Intermediaries with a full range of valuable web-based marketing tools. The assistance of EPT tax and legal professionals provides you with the support you need to expand your business to offer the DST to your clients.

In addition to increasing your legal fees, by joining EPT you may be eligible to earn reoccurring solicitor's fees on each closed DST case. When a DST closes, the proceeds generated from the sale of the asset must be professionally managed by the DST Trustee. If your state bar allows you may earn a percentage of the investment manager's fee in the form of a solicitor's fee. These fees are paid to you every year that the assets are managed within the DST. Each state bar has its own view on solicitor fees.  Contact your state bar to ensure that there are no state rules or ethical opinions that prohibit attorneys from receiving solicitor fees.

Estate Planning Team provides members with:

  • Access to the DST, which can help to set you apart from the competition, open meaningful conversations with wealthy prospects and existing clients.
  • Access to tax and legal professionals that present and execute the Deferred Sales Trust for your prospects and clients.
  • A networking plan to earn high net worth client referrals directly from other professionals.
  • A marketing plan to use the DST to connect with high-net-worth prospects.
  • A personalized DST lead generation website and a marketing plan to use your website to generate leads.

Join now and start growing your business today!