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CPA's & Tax Professionals

How Can CPA's & Tax Professionals Earn More Business In This Highly Competitive Market?

By Joining the Estate Planning Team and diversifying the services you offer your clients and potential clients!

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When you join the Estate Planning Team (EPT), you can offer your clients The Deferred Sales Trustâ„¢ (DST), a strategy to defer the capital gains tax from the sale of a client's real estate or business. The installment sales contract ("note") given to a Seller from the sale of a capital asset to the DST is an estate asset like any other. However, given the income producing potential of the note, new opportunities for tax planning and tax return preparation are presented for tax professionals with every DST case that closes.  

The American Bankers Association estimates that over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion dollars will exchange hands as one generation hands over its wealth to another.  This wealth transfer challenge presents an astounding opportunity for tax professionals to offer their clients estate and tax planning services.

EPT is a membership organization that empowers its members by providing the marketing tools and assistance of tax and legal professionals to help you tap into this wealth transfer.

As a member of EPT you can offer clients access to a professional and affordable Living Trust through your EPT website.  Providing your clients with this value added service helps differentiate you from your competition. EPT estate attorneys create the necessary documents, answer client questions and assist you in closing DST's and Living Trusts. 

EPT's marketing plan shows you how to earn valuable client referrals from Realtors, attorneys, insurance agents, financial advisors and banks.  You will learn why these individuals will want to refer their high net worth clients to you and how they too will benefit.

As a member of the Estate Planning Team you may also be eligible to earn re-occurring solicitor fees* on each closed DST case if your resident state allows. When a DST closes, the proceeds generated from the sale of the asset must be expertly invested by the DST Professional Trustee.  These fees are paid to you every year that the assets are managed within the DST by the selected investment advisor.  

In the event your resident state prohibits fee sharing, you may request that EPT direct you to a securities broker/dealer and registered investment advisor that will sponsor you to obtain a Series 65 registration/Investment advisor representative registration which would enable you to be paid on-going compensation generated from monies invested from DST fee based money management.

What does my Estate Planning Team membership include?

  • Personalized lead generation websites

  • Web based tracking system

  • Customized marketing materials

  • Client PowerPoint Presentations

  • The support of tax and estate planning experts

  • Weekly training webinars

Join now and start growing your business today!

*Certain licensed professionals may be eligible to receive solicitor's fees depending their resident state. Please contact the EPT for more information pertaining to whether you are eligible to participate in fee sharing through the EPT Partners Program.