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Life Insurance Professionals

How can Life Insurance agents earn more business in a highly competitive market?

By joining EPT and offering your clients and prospects tax and estate planning strategies!

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The American Bankers Association estimates that over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion dollars will exchange hands as one generation hands over its wealth to another.  This wealth transfer presents an astounding opportunity for those life insurance professionals prepared to offer their clients estate and tax planning services.

EPT is a membership organization providing insurance agents and other professionals with a comprehensive marketing plan, marketing tools and the support of tax and estate planning attorneys, CPA's, pension plan specialists and trust case managers to implement tax and estate planning including:

The Deferred Sales Trust

Premium Financing Life Insurance

The Deferred Sales Trust is a strategy to defer capital gains tax generated from the sale of real estate or a business. When a DST closes, the proceeds generated from the sale of the asset must be expertly invested.  As part of the asset allocation model for the DST investment portfolio a portion of the assets may be invested in fixed or indexed annuities.  As a member of the Estate Planning Team, and if your resident state allows, you may be eligible to earn a percentage of the investment manager's fee in the form of reoccurring solicitor fees.* These fees are paid to you every year the assets are managed within the DST.  

In the event that your state law prohibits your participation, you can request that EPT direct you to a securities broker/dealer and registered investment advisor that will sponsor you as a candidate to obtain an Investment Adviser Representative registration/Series 65 registration which will enable you to earn on-going compensation generated from fee based money management.  Imagine the growth to your business income!

The DST is a valuable asset gathering tool to grow your business and better serve your clients.  With each closed DST you can show clients how they can use their DST installment sales contract as collateral for large premium financed life insurance policies designed for estate planning, business continuation or retirement income.

Estate Planning Team provides members with:

  • Access to the DST, which can help to set you apart from the competition, open meaningful conversations with wealthy prospects and existing clients.
  • Access to tax and legal professionals that present and execute the Deferred Sales Trust for your prospects and clients.
  • A networking plan to earn high net worth client referrals directly from other professionals.
  • A marketing plan to use the DST to connect with high-net-worth prospects.
  • A personalized DST lead generation website and a marketing plan to use your website to generate leads.

What are you waiting for?  Now is the time to earn more business and increase your avenues of income!

Join now and start growing your business today!