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Securities & Investment Advisors

How Do You Grow Your Business In A Bear Market??

Visit a sample siteBy joining EPT and diversifying the products you offer your clients.

To succeed today financial professionals need to set themselves apart from the competition and bring added value to their clients.

EPT provides its members with the marketing tools and assistance of pension planning experts, CPA's and attorneys to implement estate and tax planning strategies for their clients. EPT provides its members with lead generating websites to market the Deferred Sales Trust™, Living Trusts, Pension Planning, and Premium Financed Life Insurance if properly licensed.

The Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST), is a strategy to defer capital gains on the sale of highly appreciated real estate or business. When the DST closes the proceeds generated from the sale of the asset must be expertly invested.  For this reason, the DST is an excellent tool for gathering assets for financial management. Determining the suitability of implementing a DST with a client also presents opportunities for other types of trusts, estate planning and financial services.  To date EPT's average case size is $2,200,000.00. EPT members across the country have closed over $1 billion dollars in assets.

As a member of EPT you will learn how to establish mutually beneficial relationships with CPA's, attorneys, real estate agents, Mortgage Lenders, banks and other professionals. You will learn why these professionals will want to refer their high net worth clients to you and how they too will benefit by partnering with you. 

What does my Estate Planning Team membership include?

  • Personalized lead generation websites

  • Web based tracking system

  • Customized marketing materials

  • Client PowerPoint presentations

  • The support of tax and estate planning experts

  • Weekly training webinars


Join now and start growing your business today!