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Mortgage Lenders

How can you earn reoccurring solicitor fees in addition to your mortgage commissions?

By joining the Estate Planning Team and participating in the EPT Professional Partners Program!

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By joining the Estate Planning Team ("EPT"), you can offer The Deferred Sales Trust™ to property and business owners and possibly diversify  your business to include lucrative opportunities beyond offering only lending products. The Deferred Sales Trust ™ (DST), is a strategy to defer capital gains on the sale of highly appreciated residential, investment or commercial real estate.  The DST is an alternative to a 1031 exchange when a client wants or needs to cash out of real estate or cannot find a replacement property for the 1031 Exchange.

In today's competitive and challenging market place, mortgage professionals are looking for a way to set themselves apart from the competition and earn more business. By offering the DST as a tax efficient method for business and property owners to sell their highly appreciated property you can earn new business and further increase your bottom line by possibly earning reoccurring solicitor fees.

As an EPT member you may also be eligible to participate in the EPT Professional Partners Program, which would enable you to earn reoccurring solicitor's fees on each closed DST case.

When a DST closes, the proceeds generated from the sale of the asset must be expertly invested by the DST Professional Trustee.  If your resident state allows, you may earn a percentage of the net of the investment manager's fee in the form of solicitor's fees. These fees are paid to you every year the assets are managed within the DST.  Eligibility is state specific. Contact EPT for details.

When you join EPT, you will be provided the EPT marketing plan, web-based and other marketing tools and the support of tax and estate planning attorneys, CPA's and trust case managers to implement the Deferred Sales Trust™ and Living Trusts.  As a mortgage professional you understand the benefits of holding property title in a trust. Now you can offer your clients professional and affordable access to a Living Trust from your own EPT website.  Not only is this a value added service to your clients, but you may earn solicitor fees from assets invested within the Living Trust.

Now, not only can you increase your business by getting in front of high net worth clients, but as a member of EPT, you may be able to earn reoccurring solicitor fees when your client closes a Deferred Sales Trust™ or a Living Trust.

As a member of EPT, you do not need additional licensing to grow your business and become a full service professional to your clients and prospects.  You do not have to be an attorney or CPA to set yourself apart from your competition and earn more business.  EPT provides you with the support of tax and legal professionals and trust case managers to answer your clients' questions, create the necessary documents and close your cases.  EPT even shows you how to earn client referrals from real estate professionals, CPA's and tax professionals, as well as estate planning attorneys.  

As a member of the Estate Planning Team, what do I get?

You will receive the complete EPT Marketing System which includes:

  • Personalized lead generation websites

  • Web based tracking system

  • Customized Marketing Materials

  • Client Presentations

  • The Support of Tax and Estate Planning Experts

To subscribe to your own personalized lead generation website(s), PowerPoint presentations, free weekly training webinars and receive the Estate Planning Team step-by-step marketing plan.

Join now and start growing your business today!

Certain licensed professionals may be eligible to receive solicitor fees if their resident state allows. Please contact EPT for more information pertaining to whether you are eligible to participate in the EPT Partners Program.