High Demand for Capital Gains Tax Deferral Sparks Growth of 1031 Exchange Alternative

June 21, 2017

INDIAN WELLS, Calif., June 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Estate Planning Team, Inc. (“EPT”) is pleased to announce the addition of ten Deferred Sales Trust™ trustees to accommodate the increasingly high demand for Deferred Sales Trusts™ across the United States.

“Interest in the Deferred Sales Trust has increased significantly due to its advantages over the 1031 Exchange...”, stated Robert Binkele, Estate Planning Team Chief Executive Officer and member of the Forbes Wealth Counsel, “...and we have added 10 additional DST trustees to manage the rapidly increasing demand. Owners of highly appreciated real estate and businesses don’t want their hardearned wealth to be depleted by onerous capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes. With interest rates at a 40 year low; real estate cap rates compressed to unattractive levels; and aging baby boomers retiring at an unprecedented rate, increasingly more sellers are turning to the DST for tax deferral, investment diversification, and an alternative to the cumbersome restrictions and limitations of the 1031 Exchange.”

The Deferred Sales Trust™ utilizes Section 453 of the Internal Revenue Code (the installment sale section) to defer the payment of state and federal capital gains obligations upon the sale of businesses, real estate and other highly appreciated assets. As the exclusive licensor of this structure, the growth of Estate Planning Team over the past twenty years has been phenomenal. Mr. Binkele has successfully tapped into the growing demand for comprehensive tax and financial solutions for sellers of highly appreciated assets with significant capital gains and estate tax concerns.

The Deferred Sales Trust™ has been vetted and lauded by prestigious law firms, accounting firms and financial professionals throughout the United States. These include major, national firms with prominent state and federal tax practices.

For information about the Deferred Sales Trust™ and the DST Trustees, please contact Estate Planning Team, Inc. at (760) 7795339 or email info@myept.com.

Estate Planning Team, Inc. is the exclusive licensor of the Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST). The DST utilizes IRC § 453 (installment sales) to allow owners of highly appreciated property (real estate, businesses, and other property) to sell these assets and defer the payment of capital gains taxes, thereby leveraging the continued use of the pretax proceeds for the seller. The sales proceeds are placed into a trust that pays the seller a predetermined interest rate each year and the principal is only taxed at the applicable capital gains tax rate when it is returned to the seller.

For more information or to register for a free webinar on the Deferred Sales Trust™, please contact Kari Smith (760) 7795339. To learn more about the Estate Planning Team visit the company website at www.myept.com. To read more about the Deferred Sales Trust™ or to request a complimentary illustration of the potential tax benefits for a specific transaction, go to www.mydstplan.com.

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