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Title Reps

How Can Title Insurance Representatives Get The Attention Of Real Estate  Professionals and Property Owners?

By introducing them to the Deferred Sales Trust™.

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The Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST), is a strategy to defer capital gains tax on the sale of a business or highly appreciated residential, investment or commercial property.

By introducing Realtors to the DST as a way for them to earn listings you can differentiate  yourself from your competition and earn more business.

The Estate Planning Team offers DST and 1031 Exchange lead generation websites designed for you and your Realtor clients to market the DST and 1031 exchange to potential clients.  By showing Realtors how they can benefit from EPT's web marketing tools you can earn their business by helping build their business.

In today's challenging market place, title insurance professionals are looking for ways to add value to the services they provide.  By introducing Realtors and property owners to the DST as a tax efficient method to sell highly appreciated property, you can earn more title orders.

As a member of the Estate Planning Team you can also offer your clients a professional and affordable Living Trust.  As a title representative you understand the importance of taking property title in a living trust to avoid probate and court involvement.  

What does my Estate Planning Team membership include?

  • Personalized lead generation websites

  • Web based tracking system

  • Customized marketing materials

  • Client PowerPoint presentations

  • The Support of tax and estate planning experts

  •  Weekly training webinars

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